How To Insert A Fixed Support In ANSYS Mechanical(Illustrated Expression)

In this text of Mechanical Base, we will show you how to insert or attach Fixed Supports to bodies in ANSYS Mechanical. Supports are very important variables in mechanical engineering structural problems that generaly used as the define actual physical conditions of parts. Fixed supports are also used as boundry conditions in finite element analyses. So it is very important to define fixed supports in a good way.

You will learn how to fix a part by using Fixed Support in ANSYS Mechanical from this article.


How To Insert A Fixed Support In ANSYS Mechanical?

Free part in space in ANSYS Coordinate system.

Part are generaly come as free(6Dof) to ANSYS Mechanical which means we need to restrict these parts by defining correct boundry conditions as in the physical model of the part. One of the restricting boundry condition for these parts is Fixed Support. Fixed Support fixes the part from the selected geometrical features such as faces or surfaces. It gives restraint to the part to lower the deggre of freedom of part in ANSYS Mechanical.

Click on the Fixed Support.

To insert a fixed support to a part in ANSYS Mechanical, right click on the analysis system in Mechanical interface(Static Structural in this example). Hover you cursor on Inset rtan as shown by red arrow above then click on the Fixed Support from the list as shown by red box to add a Fixed Support to a part in ANSYS Mechanical.

Select your faces to add Fixed Support

To add fixed support in ANSYS Mechanical, click on the faces, vertexes or edges that you want to assign fixed support, then click on Apply to the geometry section as shown by red arrow above.

Fixed Support is assigned.

As you can see a Fixed Support to the top side of the free part is applied. The application of Fixed Supports to geometries in ANSYS Mechanical is very easy like that.

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