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How To Make A Comment Line In MatLab Code(Illustrated Expression)


In general, the sofware languages has generally a special symbol that coder can insert a comment about codes inside the code paper. This is very useful thing in coding, because other readers of these codes could understand much more easily what all code lines inside the whole code paper means. Also Matlab coding language has a special symbol that used as inserting comment inside the Marlab codes. Sometimes as you know, the codes inside Matlab could be very intricate so the understanding the meaning of code lines inside Matlab codes could be troublesome. By inserting comment line inside your Matlab code could overcome this situation. Below, you could see the how a comment line in Matlab is made.

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Which Symbol In Matlab Makes A Comment Line?

Matlab comment cration

As you can see from the very basic code lines in Matlab, the comment lines are produced by using ‘%’ symbol.  So with this symbol you could insert your comments to your Matlab codes as example above. Comment line are not affect your Matlab code and these comment codes are generally used for explanation of codes inside the Matlab code.

In this example we explained the whole variables by using ‘%’ symbol next to them in Matlab. Another user of this Matlab code could understand the what the whole variables inside this Matlab code mean.

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