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How To Make AutoCAD Background Color Options(Illustrated Expression)

In this article we will show you how to convert the Autocad interface from dark to light scheme. Some of Autocad users could be very sensitive to working with light colors becauser of their eyes are very sensitive to light. Some of another Autocad users are working with Autocad in nights so light working with dark interface of Autocad is much more enjoyable for them.

Other part of users do not want to use Autocad light screen because of their preferences of lighter working environment, other ones only want to use Autocad dark interface. So there is a very basic option of Autocad that you could adjust your Autocad background color from dark to light or vice versa.


Conversion Of Dark to Light/Light to Dark Of Autocad Background

Default Autocad background.

As you can see from above, the default Autocad background is dark. Follow the easy steps to make the Autocad background color scheme.

Click on options of Autocad.

To do the Autocad background options, right click on the drawing window then click on the Options… as shown by red arrow.

Click on Display tab in Autocad options

Options of Autocad applications will be opened. From this window, click on the Display bar like in the red box above then adjust your Autocad background from Color Scheme Dark or Light as hown by red arrow.

Click OK to complete your adjustments

Then click OK to complete your Autocad background adjustments.

Changed background color of Autocad interface

After doing the adjustment about Autocad background color to light, as you can see the our main scree Autocad turned into the light color. It is very helpful option working during days. And making dark screen of Autocad also very helpful working in nights.

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