How To Obtain Ones Matrices In MatLab(Illustrated Expression)

In mathematical calculations in Matlab, matrices are generally used. So there are lots of easy matrix generating commands in Matlab. Sometimes users needed to obtain big matrices that includes only the number of 1 in all elements inside it. This kind of matrix could be generated by a special command called ‘ones’. This is the command that the users could obtain matrices that comprises of only the number ‘1’ inside them. You can follow the basic example below to understand how the ‘ones’ code works in Matlab.

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How The ‘Ones’ Is Used In Matlab?

Use of Ones command in Matlab

As you can see above, we gave three of examples about usage of ‘ones’ command in Matlab. The general use of ‘ones’ command in Matlab is like v variable above. You just type ones then the dimensions of your matrix inside the paranthesis right after it. You can see the v variable that includes only the number of 1 inside it.

Also you can make mathematical calculations as shown with z variable above. We just multiplied v with 5 then you can see all the numbers are multiplied with 5 in Matlab.

Also you can directly do mathematical calculations with ‘ones’ code as shown by d variable. So you can obtain various matrices by using ‘ones’ command as shown above in Matlab.

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