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How To Open Autosave Options In AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression)

When you are working with a very complex project in Autocad or in another sotfwares, it is very important to save your works periodically against the situation of abruptly shutting off Autocad or your computer. The whole work will be trash because you did not save in that software. Autocad has a very basic option that you can adjust according to yourself. By adjusting that option, Autocad will save your works periodically automatically in time intervals that you specified. So in a bad situation like above, your whole work will not be trash.

In this text we will show you the how to adjust the Autocad to save your works automatically in periodical basis. We will show you how to specify auto-save time in Autocad and from where you can do this thing in Autocad options. You will be able to do adjust auto-save option in Autocad if you follow the steps below.


How To Arrange Auto-Save In Autocad?

It is very easy to arrange Autocad autosave like below;

Open the options of Autocad

To adjust autosave in Autocad, you need to right click on drawing screen in Autocad then click on the Options as shown by red box.

Adjust your Autosave in AutoCAD

In Autocad options window, click on the Open and Save tab as shown by red box above to arrange autosave in Autocad.

You can select your autosave file type in Autocad from the green box above, then you need to tick on Automatic save to open auto-save in Autocad as shown by green arrow. After activating Autocad autosave you can enter your autosave period to the box as shown by red arrow.

After you finished the adjustments of Autocad autosave in your PC, click on the OK button to complete your autosave adjustments in Autocad.

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