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How To Open STP, IGES Files In Siemens NX(Illustrated Expression)

In general, transfering the parts that created in various CAD softwares could be done by saving them as IGES or STP parts. If you save your CAD parts as IGES or STP,  you could open them in various CAD software. In this text we will show you how to open IGES and STP parts in Siemens NX. You will learn if you follow the steps below that we shown how IGES and STP parts are opened in Siemens NX.


How IGES and STEP Parts Are Opened In Siemens NX?

Click on Open in Siemens NX interface

This window is the very section that you can open your external CAD folders in Siemens NX and you could start a New CAD geometry in Siemens NX. If you want to open a IGES or STP file in Siemens NX, click on the Open as shown by red arrow above.

Select your part type to open in Siemens NX

After clicking on Open tab in Siemens NX, there will be a screen appeared like above. You could select the file types in the list above, you could select IGES files as shown by green box or STP file as shown by red arrow.

Select the part you want to open in Siemens NX.

For example i selected the vane.stp file in my computer to open it in Siemens NX as shown by green box then i clicked OK button as shown by green arrow.

The STP part is opened in Siemens NX

So as you can see, the vane.stp file in opened in Siemens NX as a single body part as shown by green arrow. This is how to open a IGES or STP file in Siemens NX.

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