How To Open STP, IGES Files In ANSYS(Illustrated Expression)

Actually you do not need to configure CAD’s to ANSYS to open different CAD geometries in ANSYS. You could save as STP or IGES file your CAD geometry in CAD softwares, then you could export directly to ANSYS to use in analysis in ANSYS. So we will show you how the IGES and STP files are imported inside ANSYS to use as analysis geometry. You could import your CAD geometry in STP or IGES format into ANSYS by following the steps below.


How The STEP and IGES Files Are Opened In ANSYS?

Click on Browse in ANSYS Workbench

For example you opened a analysis in ANSYS Workbench project schematic. Right click on the Geometry section of your analysis in project schematic, then hover oyour mouse on Import Geometry on the pop-up menu that opened, and click on Browse… as shown with red box above to open STEP and IGES files in ANSYS.

Choose your IGES or STP geometry

After clicking on Browse…, find your STEP or IGES file on your computer in the screen. Also you could open other types of file extensions. Click your STEP ot IGES file as in the red box above, then click Open(Aç means Open in Turkish J) as shown by red arrow to open STEP and IGES files in ANSYS..

Everything is OK.

Your STEP or IGES file is opened in ANSYS. The green tick as shown by red arrow means your STEP or IGES file is opened in ANSYS.

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