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How To Use Lofted Cut Command In Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

If you want to obtain a very specific internal carvings in 3D bodies in Solidworks, you need to use Lofted Cut command. The obtained geometries with Lofted Cut generally could not be produced with other commands in Solidworks. Users are generally use Lofted Cut command to obtain aesthetic carvings inside various 3D shapes that obtained in Solidworks.

So in this article you will find the informations about how to use Lofted Cut command in Solidworks, how to use various features of Lofted Cut and you will understand what kinds of geometric features could be obtained by using the Lofted Cut command in Solidworks. If you follow the steps below that we introduced, you will learn how to use Lofted Cut in Solidworks.

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How To Use Lofted Cut In Solidworks?

Obtain proper sketches for Extruded Cut

To use the Lofted Cut in Solidworks, you need to obtain proper sketch for it by using 3D Sketch feature of Solidworks. As you can see from the example above, you need to have start and end profiles as shown by greeen arrows, also you could have much more profiles inside the geometry to use Lofted Cut. And you need to have profiles and guide curves as shown by red arrows to use Lofted Cut in Solidworks.

Click on command of Lofted Cut

Lets open the command of Lofted Cut to start to the operation as shown by red arrow above.

Select proper feature for Lofted Cut command in Solidworks

So we selected our start and end profiles from the red box above in Lofted Cut command as shown by red arrows then we selected our guide curve from green box region in Lofted Cut command as shown by green arrow.

You can adjust thin feature for Lofted Cut

If you tick the thin feature inside the blue box above, as you can see the lofted cut geometry will be as shown by blue arrow in Lofted Cut command of Solidworks.

Curvature view in Solidworks

These are the curvature observation options  in Lofted Cut command, you can observe the curvature situation of your geometry by selecting one of them in Lofted Cut command.

Start end constraints in Solidworks

These are the Start and End constraints of Lofted Cut command. The start and end of the lofted cut could be adjusted as start/end with direction of a vector thet selected by you by selecting the Direction Vector or you can select the Normal To Profile to adjust the start/end of Lotfed Cut will be normal to your selected profiles in Lofted Cut command.

Complete the Lofted Cut operation

If you done with the adjustments of the Lofted Cut command, you need to click on the green yes button as shown by blue arrow above in Solidworks.

Lofted Cut operation is done in Solidworks

As you can see above, our Lofted Cut geometry is obtained in Solidworks.

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