Infiltrated Phase In Composite Materials

It is a very different form of composite materials apart from other reinforcement techniques such as; fiber-reinforced and particle reinforced composites. Infiltrated phase is very special itself with its properties and different applications type. In here, we explain the infiltrated phase in composite materials.

What Is Infiltrated Phase In Composite Materials?

The common reinforcement of infiltrated composite type is the filler which is generally used in polymers. Actually the matrix phase is sponge-like structure when the filler is added inside it. The shape of sponge-like structure is because of filler material that is used as reinforcement.

The materials of these fillers are generally metals. And these filler form of metals are generally produced with powder metallurgy techniques. When these metal powders are added inside polymer matrix materials, a composite material is produced.

There are lots of kinds of applications of this kind of composite materials; such as bearings are used in machinery, gear products used in dynamic applications.

Oil-impregnated sintered PM is one of the most known example of infiltrated matrix phase composites.

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