Initial Size Seed Option In ANSYS Meshing(Illustrated Expression)

The all mesh optimization tools and mesh options in ANSYS Meshing are explained in Mechanical Base. Also in this article we will explain the Initial Size Seed option in ANSYS meshing. This option in ANSYS Meshing also very important option in ANSYS Meshing tools.

How To Adjust Initial Size Seed Option In ANSYS Meshing?

Click to adjust Initial Size Seed option in ANSYS Meshing.

To adjust the initial size seed option, click on the Mesh section as shown by red arrow above then select one the options for initial size seed option as Active Assembly or Full Assembly as shown in red box.

With this option, you can adjust the extent of the mesh structure that will be created in assembly. There is two options for it;

Active Assembly: In ANSYS Meshing, assembly parts are enclosed by bounding boxes. So if you select this option for initial size seed, only the active selected parts will be meshed. Suppressed part will not be meshed. The mesh structure also will change if you suppress or unsuppress parts in assembly.

Full Assembly: This option of initial size seed in ANSYS Meshing, the whole assembly will be meshed. Suppressed or unsuppressed situation will not affect the mesh structure. Mesh structure will not change according to suppressed or unsuppressed parts.

This is the general expression of Initial Size Seed meshing option of ANSYS Meshing.

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