Interphase Structures Between Phases Of Composites

Interphase must occur and generally occur between the phases of composite materials to obtain a solid material. This interphase is very important thing to form, becuase of obtaining one-piece material parts. In here, we explain the general interphase mechanisms that occur in composite materials, between matrix and reinforcement phases.

Interphase in composites.

What Is Interphase In Composite Materials?

The primary phase in composite materials called as matrix phase and the secondary phase is called as reinforcement phase. The interphase is the bonding between these different phases inside composite materials. There are three bonding mechanisms for these interface structures in composite materials;

  • The first type of interphase in composite materials is called as direct bonding. There is no additives to obtain bonding between matrix and reinforcement phases, or there is no tertiary phase between primary and secondary phases to obtain a bonding. In this case, there is a direct bonding between primary and secondary phases in composite materials. Actually, there is no straightforward interphase between primary and secondary phases, in direct bonding.
  • In some composite applications, some kinds of agents are added to obtain bonding between matrix and reinforcement. They can be considered as adhesive between primary and secondary phases of composite materials.
  • In third mechanism of interphase forming between matrix and reinforcement is the formation of solution between them. They must not be soluble each other completely. They must solve in a percentage to obtain this bonding interface between primary and secondary phases in composite materials.

Application Examples Of These Interphase Structures In Composites

For example in fiber-glass reinforced thermosets, glass fibers are used as reinforcing phase. thermosets are used as matrix phase. The interphase between these phases are obtained with a coating of glass fibers before the production of fiber-glass reinforced thermosets. This is a very good example of second type of interphase formation between primary and secondary phases in composite materials.

Another example of interphase that occured as solution of two phases is cemented carbides. In high sintering temperatures, solution of interphases occurs between particle reinforcement phases and matrix phases. These phases are not soluble completely in each other.

These are the general types and explanation of interphase boundries between primary and secondary phases of composite materials.

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