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Inverse Of A Matrix In MatLab(Illustrated Expression)


In this article we will show you how to take or index the inverse of a matrix in Matlab. Sometimes you need to use some linear algebraic calculations in Matlab. Matlab has very special coding library for linear algebra calculations. Look at the usage examples of how to take the inverse of matrices and how to use them in mathematical calculations.

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How To Take Inverse Of A Matrix In Matlab?

Use of inv(a) code in MatLab.

To take the inverse of a matrix in Matlab, you need to use “inv()” command. It will generate inverse of a matrix if you write the name of this matrix in this code in Matlab.

‘a’ is the normal matrix that created by us in Matlab as shown by red arrow above.

‘b’ is the matrix that we take it as inverse of ‘a’ as shown by green arrow.

‘c’ is the multiplied inverse matrix of a that shows you can do mathematical calculations directly with inverses of matrices in Matlab.

In ‘d’ we did a addition of a inverse matrix that also shows you can do mathematical calculations with this.

As you can see, taking inverses of various matrices in Matlab is very easy and very useful.

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