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Linear Pattern In Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

In this content of Mechanical Base we will show how to use Linear Pattern command in Solidworks. If you have individual features in Solidworks drawing scheme, you can obtain patterns in the selected direction with the entered value. Also you can enter the distance between pattern instances in Linear Pattern command. Follow the steps below how to do this kind of stuff in Solidworks with Linear Patten command.

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How To Use Linear Patten In Solidworks?

Click on Linear Pattern command in Solidworks.

As you can see above you need to click to open the Linear Pattern as shown by red arrow in Solidworks interfaca above.

Select the geometric features to pattern.

After entering to the Linear Pattern in Solidworks, you need to select the patterned features from the Features and Faces section as shown in red box above. You can choose faces to pattern and also you can choose 3D geometries to pattern as shown by red arrow above in Linear Pattern command.

Select Direction 1 from the drawing scheme.

In Linear Pattern command, you need to select the direction on efor patterning as shown by re arrow above. Then enter the pitch value which will be the distance between geometric center points of instaces to pattern as in red box. Also enter the number of instaces in red box.

Make adjustments for direction 1.

Also you can do the same adjustments that done for Direcion 1 in Direction 2 in Linear Pattern as shown by green box and arrow above.

Select the patterned instances to skip.

You can select patterned features as shown in green box above to skip in Linear Pattern operation in Solidworks.

Complete the Linear Pattern operation.

After you complete the Linear Pattern adjustments, click on the little yes button as shown by green arrow above to finish Linear Pattern operation in Solidworks.

Obtained linear pattern.

This is the result of out Linear Pattern operation in Solidworks. You can observe the skipped instances from above.

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