Maximum Tensile Stress Safety Tool In ANSYS Mechanical(Illustrated Expression)

Safety tools in ANSYS Mechanical are very important and very useful tools to see safety situation at your analyses. You need to select a proper safety tool to see your part’s or material’s safety situation according to boundry conditions that are applied. In here we explain what is maximum tensile stress safety tool and how apply it in ANSYS Mechanical.

What Is Maximum Tensile Stress Safety Tool?

This theory states that, if the maximum principal stress that occurs on a material or part exceeds the yield strength of that material, failure occurs. Yield stress value can be divided by a safety factor, which depends on your application.

For brittle materials, compressive strength much more higher than tensile strength. If there is a compressive stress on a brittle material, this situation must be treated in an another way. Also it is not recommended to use tensile characteristics of a brittle material such as concrete or ceramics because their tensile strength value can not be determined accurateky because of their brittle nature.

You can define required concentration factors(such as Kt) according to stress risers in your brittle material such as corners, inhomogenities. This concentration factor must be multiplied with tensile stress that is occur in your application.

With the consideration of logical concentration factors and safety factors in Maximu Tensile Stress theory, it can give good results for static loadings on brittle materials.

How To Calculate Maximumn Tensile Stress Theory In ANSYS Mechanical?

Define ‘Max. Tensile Stress’ in ANSYS Mechanical.

You can define ‘Max Tensile Stress’ from ‘Solution’ section in ANSYS Mechanical. Right click on ‘Solution’, hover your mouse on ‘Insert’ then hover your mouse on ‘Stress Tool’ as shown by red arrow above. Then select ‘Max Tensile Stress’ as in red box in ANSYS Mechanical.

Select one of safety calculation method.

You can evalute the safety situation with three options. You can select one of these options as shown by above. Right click on ‘Stress Tool’ that you recently added, Insert>Stress Tool then select one of ‘Safety Factor’, ‘Safety Margin’, ‘Stress Ratio’ options in ANSYS Mechanical.

Formulas of three safety calculations in ANSYS Mechanical.

Fs means factor ıf safety, Slimit is the tensile strength of your material. Sigma1 is the maximum principal stress that is applied on your part. Ms is also safety margin. Sigma1(prime) is the stress ratio.

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