Mechanical Base Rules

The remarks below are valid for Mechanical Base. The whole visitors of Mechanical Base are considered as read and accepted these remarks. All the rights about changing these remarks are reserved to Mechanical Base without any annunciation.

Conditions Of Use

Contents: The contents of Mechanical Base can not be copied or used. In terms of information sharing, you could use these links in your website or writings when you use the contents of Mechanical Base;

  • This article is taken from Mechanical Base.
  • Source: Mechanical Base.

Comments: If you share your comments to contents of Mechanical Base, you will be considered that you accepted the conditions below.

  • You can publish your comments to the contents of Mechanical Base without any control. We do not accept any legal or criminal liability under these circumstances. Any legal and criminal liability that may arise from this situation belongs to you who wrote the comment exclusively.
  • The comments sent by the users of Mechanical Base must comply with the general morality, all applicable laws and regulations, ethical rules and general comment structure of Mechanical Base. Otherwise, it can be deleted without any warning.


The links in Mechanical Base have been placed by us. Since we do not follow the content of the sites, the responsibility belongs to the site owners. It is solely the initiative and responsibility of the visitor to click on the links.

Commenting Rules

The comments made on the articles in MakineTü does not mean that we adopt or support those comments on our site. Before you comment on the articles on, we kindly request you to consider the following rules:
– Only the comments about that article should be written under the articles.
– Comments containing offensive, humiliating, insulting personality cannot be written.

– Comments can not be sent for advertising, promotion and link sharing purposes.
– Comments that do not comply with these rules will be deleted without any warning.

To copyright holders and legal authorities on copyright

Our site aims to respect law, laws, copyrights and personal rights. Our site serves as a “place provider”. According to the relevant law, website management has no obligation to control illegal content.  For this reason, our site has adopted the ‘warn and remove’ principle. Rights holders or professional associations who think that copyrighted works are illegally shared and their legal rights are violated; They can contact us at [email protected] or through the “Contact” sections of our site. Requests and complaints sent to this e-mail address will be examined by our Legal Counsel and if the complaint is seen at the site, the content considered to be violated will be removed from our site. In addition, technical data will be provided for the identification of Users who produce illegal content and share illegally in case of demand from courts.

Annex; Copyright Notice;
Not all the content on our site belongs to Mechanical Base. We use images, news and some content citations from other sources. If you think there is a violation in this regard, you can contact us. By contacting us through multiple communication ways, you will prevent any problems that may occur.
For example; Your e-mail may not be able to reach us and you can also use [email protected] or social media accounts.

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