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Multiple Selection Types In AutoCAD Drawing Scheme(Illustrated Expression)

In this article we will show you about Autocad’s multiple selection types in Autocad drawing window. Think about you have a very complex drawing in Autocad and you need to select some of the feature frm this drawing. Autocad provides a very useful selection tool for it. We will show you how to select the whole drawing easily or some of the features of a very complex drawing in Autocad.

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Multiple Selection Types In Autocad

Selecting from Right to Left

If you click once your mouse on the drawing scheme of Autocad then drag it to the right, there will a green selection window opens. You can select the drawing feature with this gree window by dragging your mouse as shown by above. As you can see, to select the feature with green selection window, you need to only touch to the related drawing feature as shown by red arrows above.

The drawing feature as shown by green arroe above is not selected. Because it is not touching to the green box .

Selecting with blue box.

If you click with your mouse to the drawing scheme of Autocad then drag it from left to right, a blue selection window will be opened like above. As you can see that the only the features that fit inside the blue window will be selected.

The feature as shown by green arrow above is seelcted because the whole feature is inside the blue box. But alsa the feature as shown by red arrow above is not selected. Because it is no fully inside the blue selection box.

We wish you understood the difference between green selection box and the blue selection box in Autocad.

Green selection window.

Also you can use the selection boxes cby clicking the mouse and dragging the mouse by holding the mouse button will create selection windows like above. You can obtain either blue selection window or green selection window with the same logic as selection box that we stated above in Autocad.

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