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Optimization Of Graphics Options Of AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression)

In this article we will show about how to optimize the AutoCAD graphic options according to your computational system. AutoCAD generally come with its standard and default working scheme. For example the background color of Autocad is black. Also Autocad has standards and default options about graphical stuffs. But you can change these options according to your system in Autocad. If you have a better computational system, you can use better graphical options of Autocad but if you have a low PC, you can aslso adjust the graphical options of Autocad according to your system.


How To Change AutoCAD Graphical Options?

Click on Options tab.

Right click on the drawing scheme of AutoCAD then click on the Options tab that appeared as shown by red box above.

Click on the Graphics Performance.

After entering to the Autocad options, you need to click on the System tab in Options as shown in red box above then click on the Graphics Performance button as shown by red arrow above.

Graphics options of Autocad.

These are the default options of graphics of Autocad in your computer. You can adjust the Hardware Acceleration from On to Off to optimise the graphical system of Autocad according to your computational system. Also you can click on the small boxes beneath the Effect Settings tabs selections according to your system.

Hardware Acceleration off in Autocad.

For example we make the Hardware Acceleration selection Off as shown by red box above, the lots of graphics options are off as you can see and it says “Effects unavailable for your hardware.” You can click on OK button to save these changes for your PC. It will provide better working performance according to your computer system.

Autocad interface.

In physical means, there are no big change in the appearance of the Autocad background.

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