Options Of Viewing Contours In ANSYS Analysis Results

ANSYS Mechanical offers bunch of result viewing options in terms of contours. After ANSYS Mechanical solution is done, you can view the deformation or other kinds of solutions with different contour options. In here, we will show you these contour results on a very basic example below in ANSYS Mechanical.

What Are The Contour Viewing Options In ANSYS Mechanical?

ANSYS Mechanical contour viewing results.

As you see abovei there is a very basic analyses is done in ANSYS Mechanical, and bunch of contour viewing results are avaliable as shown in red box above.


  • Smooth Contours: If you click on this contour option, smooth transition between different contour colors can be obtained like below.
Smooth contours in ANSYS Mechanical.
  • Contour Bands: If this contour option is selected, exact transition between different contour colors can be obtained unlike above.
Contour bands in ANSYS Mechanical.
  • Isolines: If you select this contour viewing option in ANSYS Mechanical, you can view the transition boundries between different contour colors like below.
Isolines for deformed model.
  • Solid Fill: With this option of contour viewing results, you can view the original geometry without any colors or contours as deformed model.
Contourless deformed model in ANSYS Mechanical.

You can select proper contour viewing option in ANSYS Mechanical results as shown above.

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