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Point Set Command In Siemenx NX(Illustrated Expression)

In this article we will show you how to create a Point Set by using related command in Siemens NX. Pointing along curves edges can be sometimes important because other features that you will create generally depend on these created point sets in Siemens NX. You will learn how to create respective points sets along a selcted curve or edges in Siemens NX.


How To Create Point Sets In Siemens NX?

Click on Point Set command in Siemens NX

To create a point set in Siemens NX, you need to click on pop-up menü beneath the Datum Plane command as shown by red arrow above then click on the Point Set command as shown in red box in Siemens NX.

Select your curve to create Point Set in Siemens NX.

After opening the Point Set command, you need to select curves or edges from the drawing scheme of Siemens NX as shown by red arrow and red box above.

These are the Point Set options to create point sets in Siemens NX.

Number Of Points: This is the value of points that you want to create on the curve or edge that you selected in Siemens NX.

Start Percentage: This is where the first point on the curve that you selected is placed. For exampla, if you enter a value of 20, the first point on the curve will be placed on 20% lenght wawy from the starting point of the curve.

Select Object for Start Percentage: Also you can select a object for starting percentage that we expressed above in Siemens NX.

End Percentage: This is the ending percentage has the same logic with Start Percentage. The percentage length of the selected curve in Siemens NX that your last point will be placed on.

Select Object for End Percentage: You can select a end pecentage object with the same logic as Select Object for Start Percentage.

Enter your Point Set parameters.

For example we entered number of points is 4, start percentage 30, end percentage 80, you can see the starting and ending points of the created points on the selected curve as shown by red and bluw arrows above. After finishing the entering parameters to the Point Set command, click on OK or Apply as shown by blue box above.

This is simple like that in Siemens NX.

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