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Polyline Command In AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression)

In this article we will show how to use Polyline command in Autocad. Polyline command is a very time saving and useful command that you can draw succesive lines and arcs without closing from the command in Autocad. Obtaining the succesive lines in Autocad with this manner saves very good amount of time compared with other commands.


How To Use Polyline Command In Autocad?

Click on the Polyline command.

To obtain consecutive lines with Polyline command, click on the Polyline command as shown by green arrow above in Autocad.

Specify the starting point of Polyline.

After entering to the Polyline command, specify the first point or starting point of the consecutive lines as shown above in Autocad.

Click on arc.

After specifying the next point of the first line segment of Polyline, you can select the Arc to go on to the drawing with arc by right clicking mouse in Autocad drawing scheme.

Click on close

For example we drew our arc right after the line segment in Polyline command as shown by gren arrow above. After clicking the third point, you can select the Close to finish the Polyline drawing by closing the line drawing as below.

Close drawing.

After clicking on the close, the drawing is close with Polyline command.

Click on Center in Polyline command.

Also you can click on the Center from the Polyline menu to create a circle directly connected to the Polyline.

Enter a Radius value.

By entering a Radius value or specifying the center point of the circle, you can obtain a circle right after the Polyline that created in Autocad.

Polyline options.

Also you can go on to your drawing Polyline as shown by above selections.

Direction: You can create a arc that tangent to the linet hat you will create after entering to the Direction selection in Polyline.

Halfwidth: You can enter a starting width and ending width of the drawn line after clicling on the Halfwidth.

Line: You can go on to your Polyline as linear lines by clicking on it.

Radius: You directly enter a Radius value to go on with arc to drawig Polyline.

Undo: You can undo the last step that you created with Polyline.

Width: You directly enter a width value of the curve that you will create after clicking on the width in Polyline.

Second pt: You can go on to Polyline by drawing 3 point arc after clicking on this.

Creating Polylines is very easy in Autocad like that, and you need aware about that the Polylines that created are connected to each other as one object as shown by below in Autocad.

Connected line segments of Polyline geometry in Autocad.

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