Products From Traditional Ceramic Materials: Bricks, Tiles And Abrasives

In an another article in Mechanical Base, we explained traditional ceramic materials. In this article we will give some other informations about products that are produced from traditional ceramic materials.

What Are The Products Of Traditional Ceramic Materials?

Bricks that are produced with traditional materials.

Brick and tile applications is one of the major applications with traditional ceramic materials. Techniques that are used in traditional brick and tile production are dated back to very old times. Because of this reason, materials that are used in brick and tile applications called as traditional ceramic materials. Some of special applications are building brick, clay pipe, unglazed roof tiles, and drain tiles. In general, these brick and tile applications are produced by molding and firing operations.

One of other applications of traditional ceramics is abrasives. Because of high hardness values of some of ceramic materials, traditional ceramics can be used in abrasive processes Silicon carbide is a very important traditional ceramic material that is used in abrasive applications. And this material has very high hardness value(2200-2600 HV). Grinding wheels is the one of the most important abrasive applications in metal industry. But grinding wheels are produced from Al2O3 because it gives better results. These abrasive traditional materials are bonded to grinding wheels with shellac, and special resins.

Abrasive grinding wheels.

As you know, most aspects of our civilization depend upon these applications. Abrasive processes is very important process to obtain required surface parameters of metal parts. Bricks and tiles are very important parts of out buildings.

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