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Radius Of Gyration Calculator

Radius Of Gyration Calculator

What Is Radius Of Gyration?

Radiıs of gyration representation(SRC:Civilsnapshot).

Radius of gyration is calculated for cross sections of 3D bodies or features. For each cross section of bodies, radius of gyration is also changes. Radius of gyration is generally used for buckling calculations of columns. The formula of radius of gyration;

r is the radius of gyration of cross section. I is the inertia moment of cross section and A is the area of the cross section. Some cross sections can have multiple cross sectional inertias. When you calculate the radius of gyration, I must be the minimum value of that cross section.

How To Use Radius Of Gyration Calculator?

Radius of gyration calculator.

The use of radius of gyration calculator is very easy like you see above. You just need to enter the I value in which the default unit is mm^4. Enter the area which is A as shown by green arrow above that mm^2 can be default unit for it.

Click on ‘Calculate!’ button to calculate radius of gyration in as mm unit. If you want to do this calculation again, click on ‘Reset’ button as shown by blue arrow above.

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When you calculate radius of gyration, your units must be consistent like above. If you have inconsistent units, you can use MB-Unit Converter tool to obtain consistent units.

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