Renaming A Part In ANSYS Mechanical(Illustrated Expression)

Giving proper names to parts or assembly parts in ANSYS Mechanical is very useful thing. Naming the imported parts acoording to it’s duty or it’s name in real physical applications is very useful. You probably confuse the parts if you have a complex assembly in ANSYS Mechanical. In this article we will show you how to rename a part in ANSYS Mechanical.

How To Rename A Part In ANSYS Mechanical?

Click on ‘Rename’ in ANSYS Mechanical.

Generally, the parts inside an assembly will be imported to ANSYS Mechanical and DesignModeler in names as ‘model 1’, ‘model 2’ etc. You can confuse the which part is exactly ‘model 1’ or ‘model 2’ when you working with a very complex assembly.

So you can rename the parts in the Geometry tabs by right clicking on them then click on ‘Rename’ as shown by green box above. Also you can rename these parts by pressing on F2 button from your keyboard.

Enter the name of the part.

For example we entered the name ‘BOX’ as shown by green arrow above.

Renaming parts in ANSYS Mechanical is very basic like that.

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