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Scalar And Vectorial Products Of Vectors In MatLab(Illustrated Expression)


Scalar or vectorial products of various vectors are very important in vector mechanics. Lots of physical situations are explained with vector mechanics. So the difference between scalar and vectorial products is very important to solve a vector mechanics problem correctly. In this article of Mechanical Base, we will show you how to calculate vectorial products and scalar products in Matlab.

How To Calculate Vector Products And Scalar Products In MatLab?

Vector and scalar products in Matlab.

Take a look at the calculation ‘a’ that we mulitplied a 3×1 matrix and 1×3 matrix as shown by blue arrow above, then the answer is a singular vales as shown by red arrow. This means that multiplacation of an row vector and column vector is a scalar multiplacation.

Also in ‘b’ calculation as shown by green arrow, we multiplied a column vector with a row vector in Matlab. This calculation lead to answer that has a matrix as shown by yellow arrow above. This means also multiplacation of column vector and row vector is a vectorial product.

When you add ‘ to the end of a vector as in above examples, you will have transpose of them in Matlab.

If you aware about this fact, you will not get incorrect solutions of your vector mechanics problems from Matlab.

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