Sheet Metal Stretch Forming Processes

Sheet metal technologies are commonly used in the metal industry to produce different kinds of products. There are lots of kinds of sheet metal production techniques such as sheet metal bending and sheet metal cutting processes. Another type of sheet metal part production process is the sheet metal stretch forming process. 

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What Is The Sheet Metal Stretch Forming Process?

Sheet metal stretch forming processes have very basic mechanisms. Sheet metal workpiece is held by grippers and stretched with tension. The applied tensile stress on the workpiece is above the yield point of the metal. Because of this fact, the deformation is plastic. 

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After the tensile stress applications, the workpiece is forced to bent over a positive die to obtain the required shape. After the release of the workpiece from grippers, a little spring back takes place. 

Calculation Of The Required Stretch Force

The Stretch force that is required to stretch the workpiece to above the yield point can be calculated easily with a very basic formulation. 

The formulation is like above. In this formula, ‘F’ is the required force, which equals to the multiplication of the ‘L’ which is the length of the workpiece in the direction perpendicular to stretching, ‘t’ which is the thickness of the workpiece, and ‘Yf’ flow stress of the workpiece material. 

You can use the calculator below to calculate the required force for sheet metal stretch forming processes. 

Stretch Force Calculator

The use of the calculator above is very simple. You just need to enter the required values inside the brackets then click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to see the result. If you want to make another calculation, just click on the ‘Reset’ button then re-enter the values. 


As you see above, the process parameters of the sheet metal stretch forming process are very simple.

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