Short Description Of The Gear Rolling Processes

Gears are very important in various industries from automotive to robotics. So, serial production of the gears is a very important thing for these industries. There are various kinds of gears are available in the gear market. This serial production of gears is made with the gear rolling processes. Here you can find summary information about the gear rolling processes. 

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Features Of The Gear Rolling Processes

Production of different kinds of gears is a very big market in the industry. There are various kinds of processes are devised to produce gears. One of these processes is the gear rolling process. 

In the gear rolling process, a round gear blank is attached to a piece of machinery. This machinery is pretty similar to the thread rolling processes. But in gear rolling, the teeth geometry is obtained instead of threads. Different kinds of teeth geometries can be obtained such as helical gears. 

The most important advantage of the gear rolling process is the ability the produce gears at very high rates. This is a very important feature for the industries like automotive. If you think about other alternative processes to produce gears(such as machining processes), the gear rolling process is very advantageous in terms of serial production. 

Less material waste and higher fatigue strength are other important merits of the gear rolling processes. 


This is a general definition of the gear rolling processes to produce gears.

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