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Sinusoidal Function In MatLab(Illustrated Expression)


In mathematical calculations, sinusoidal values are frequently used. You can define the sinusoidal values in Matlab. In this article we will show you;

  • What kind of sinusoidal values can be calculated in mathematical relations in Matlab?
  • How to calculate arc values of sinusoidal values in Matlab?

How To Use Sinusoidal Functions In Matlab?

Input types of sinusoidal functions in Matlab.

The sinusoidal functions are defined as;

  • Directly typing a radian value inside the sinusoidal function as shown by red arrows above,
  • Typing a angle value inside the sinusoidal functions as shown by green arrows such as; ‘cosd, sind tand etc…’ The ‘d’ at the end of sinuzoidal function defines the degree value that you need to enter inside sinusoidal function.
  • You can calculate the angle or radian value with reverse sinusoidal functions in Matlab. For example the variable c as shown by blue arrow above is the reverse sinusoidal calculation of ‘tan’. The ‘a’ at the ‘tan’ means ‘arc’ in other word ‘arctan’ in Matlab. The result will be shown as radians.
  • Also you can take the result as angle value from reverse sinusoidal function calculations in Matlab as shown by magenta arrows above. You just type ‘d’ at the end of ‘atan’ which is ‘atand’ to calculate as degrees as shown by magenta arrow in Matlab.
Mathematical calculations with sinusoidal functions in Matlab.

Also you can do direct mathematical calculations such as multiplacations or dividings with sinusoidal functions as shown by magenta arrow in Matlab.

The use and the features of sinusoidal fuctions are explained with very basic examples in this article. If you wish, we can add much more complex examples and real engineering examples abot sinusoidal fuctions in Mechanical Base.

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