Skewness Of Mesh Structures In ANSYS Meshing(Illustrated Expression)

There are bunch of mesh metric options are avaliable in ANSYS to assess the mesh situation in various ways. One of these ways is ‘Skewness’ value of mesh structure in ANSYS. ‘Skewness’ value is very important parameter to assess the mesh structuture’s quality. In this article, we will explain;

  • What is the ‘Skewness’ in ANSYS Meshing?
  • How can we see the ‘Skewness’ of mesh structures in ANSYS?

What Is ‘Skewness’ Mesh Metric In ANSYS Meshing?

Select the ‘Skewness’ from ‘Mesh Metric’ in ANSYS Meshing.

To see the skewness of the created mesh structure in ANSYS Meshing, click on ‘Mesh’ tab as in green box above then select the ‘Skewness’ as shown in red box above at the pop up menu of ‘Mesh Metric’ in ‘Statistics’ as shown by green arrow.

Skewness numerical values in ANSYS Mesh metric.

You can see the numerical values such as minimum, maximum average and standard deviation of ‘Skewness’ of mesh elements in ANSYS. Also you can see the dispersion of various skewness values belong to the various numbers of mesh elements in a graph above.

Skewness actually directly related to the quality of mesh structure. Unlike other mesh metric options in ANSYS Meshing, skewness directly shows how many the mesh structure is close to its ideal shape or form. Examples below shows about this situation for skewness value in ANSYS Meshing.

Skewed mesh structures for triangular and quadrilateral shapes.

As you can see above that the ideal form of triangular mesh structure is equilateral triangle in terms of skewness. Also equiangular quad elements are preferable in terms of skewness in ANSYS Meshing again.

Skewness and the mesh quality table.

The table above shows about the quality mean of various skewness values. According to the above chart about skewness values, when the skewness is getting small, this means higher element quality.

Skewness is the major element quality factor that is being used in meshing structures in ANSYS. the expression of ‘Skewness’ can be made like above. Leave your comments and questions about the ‘Skewness and mesh cells in ANSYS Meshing’ below!

Image source: ANSYS Meshing User’s Guide

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