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Soderberg Method For Alternating Stress Calculator

Soderberg Method For Alternating Stress Calculator


Soderberg graph(Robert L. Moth: Machine Elements In Mechanical Design)

What Is Soderberg Method?

There three of methods to calculate whether there is a fatigue failure possiblity or not for ductile materials. One of these three methods is Soderberg method. These methods are used for sinusoidal alternating stresses on ductile materials through time.

This is the formula of Soderberg method for ductile materials. Kt(unitless) states the amplification factor that can be originated some of parameters or sections of your part or material. For example, if there is a stress riser on your part such as notches, corners etc. you need to define a proper amplification factor according to it. It depends on your engineering deduction. SigmaA is the absolute maximum value of sinusoidal alternating stress. SigmaM is the mean value of sinusoidal alternating stress. Sn is the estimated endurance strength of your material. And Sy yield strength of your material.

Other alterbatives to Soderberg method;

  • Goodman Method To Calculate Fatigue Failure Of Ductile Materials
  • Gerber Method To Calculate Fatigue Failure Of Ductile Materials

How To Use Soderberg Method Calculator?

The use of Soderberg fatigue failure calculator is very basic actually. You just need to enter required values, amplification factor Kt, absolute maximum of alternating stress SigmaA, estimated endurance strength of your material Sn, mean stress of sinusoidal alternating stress SigmaM and yield strength of your material Sy, into the brackets as shown by red arrows above. Then click on ‘Calculate!’ button to show if your material and application will go through a fatigue failure. If you want to do another calculation, click on ‘Reset’ button.

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As a good engineer, you need to take care about your UNITS. All the units must be consistent to obtain corect results. Otherwise your calculations will be incorrect. In here, all the stress values must be in the pressure units. Mechanical Base does not accept any responsibility of these calculations.

If you want to obtain consistens units for your stresses, you can use MB-Unit Converter tool.

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