Standard Mechanical Shape Checking In ANSYS Mechanical(Illustrated Expression)

It is very important to know the whole meshing options in ANSYS Mechanical to decide the proper meshing options according to your physical system. Because, for different physical systems such as fluids, electromagnetics, classical mechanics, the mesh structure must be changed or adjusted according to these pyhsical situations. ANSYS provides various kinds of meshing options to its users to adjust the meshing according to the physics of the FEA. Shape checking option is also an option to adjust the mesh structure according to the problem in ANSYS. In this article we will show you;

  • What is the Standard Mechanical option in Shape Checking options in ANSYS meshing,
  • Where to use Standard Mechanlcal option in Shape Checking options,
  • How to adjust Shape Checking to Standard Mechanical option,

Standard Mechanical Option In Shape Checking Options In ANSYS Meshing

Standard Mechanical option in Shape Checking option in ANSYS Mechanical.

Standard Mechanical option in Shape Checking criterion is default option for ANSYS meshing as shown by red arrow and red box above. Basiccaly Jacobian Ratio is compued in integrations points in Standard Mechanical option. It is recommended to use in linear, thermal, modal and stress problems in ANSYS Mechanical.

Select the ‘Mechanical’ option for Physics Preference.

Also it is recommended to select ‘Physics Preference’ as ‘Mechanical’ as shown by red arrow above. Also it is default option for ANSYS Meshing.

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