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Start, Center, End Arc Command In AutoCAD(Illutstrated Expression)

In this article of Mechanical Base, we will show you how to use Start, Center, End Arc command ın Autocad. With this command, you can draw arcs by selecting a starting point, and center point then ending point in Autocad. So in some cases, it is very useful command to obtain desired arc shapes in Autocad.


How To Use Start, Center, End Arc Drawing Command In Autocad?

Click on Start, Center, End Arc command in Autocad.

To open the command, click on little pop-up menu as shown by green arrow above then click on the Start, Center, End command as shown in green box.

Specify the starting point first in Start, Center, End command.

After entering into the command, specify the starting point of arc that you need to draw then the cursor location will be the center point of your arc in Autocad.

Specify the center point secondly then select the end point in Autocad.

We selected our first starting point as shown by red arrow above, secondly we specified the center as shown by blue arrow again, then we specified the end point as shown by green arrow that we obtained our arc geometry with Start, Center, End Arc command in Autocad.

The logic is very basic. Its name implies that we first select ‘Start’, then select ‘Center’ secondly then ‘End’ finally in Start, Center, End command in Autocad.

The use of Start, Center, End arc command is very basic like that in Autocad.

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