Surface Texture, Roughness And Other Surface Parameters In Manufacturing

Surface of the produced parts have a very specific topic in manufacturing. There are bunch of surface characteristics are defined for surfaces. Also some kinds of surface parameters are produced in manufacturing history to define a surface exactly. In this article, we will summarize these surface parameters basically.

What Are Surface Texture, Surface Roughness And Other Surface Parameters?

Surface texture features.

To define a surface, there are some kinds of surface texture parameters;

  • Roughness: This is the most important surface parameter that define the little surface deviations from intended ideal surface structure. You can see above the surface roughness heigth and the width.
  • Waviness: This is the bigger version of roughness that caused by major manufacturing process deflections, vibrations, etc. You can see the waviness spacing and the waviness height illustrations above.
  • Flaws: Flaw generally occurs on surfaces because of various and unpredictable reasons. There are lots of types of flaws on surfaces such as craters(you can see above illustration), cracks, inclusions etc.
  • Lay: These are generally occurs because of machining processes that applied on surface of workpieces. It is created by the application direction of manufacturing process general.

As we stated above, surface roughness is very important parameter that defines the vertical9Lm deviations from nominal and ideal surface structures. And the average roughness can be calculated with a formulation below;

It is basically the surface integration of deviations(y) that lie on the lenght of a workpiece or surface(Lm).

Surface roughness calculation.

Surface roughness formula calculates the problem like above illustration. ‘Lm’ is the whole length of the surface. You can see the areas that are created with deviations(y) from nominal surface. We calculate this area with a integration and divide this area with ‘Lm2 to find out the average roughness of a surface.

Surface identification rule for technical drawings.

All the surface characteristics are defined above must be illustrated on technical drawing like above. Placements of surface characteristics is very important in terms of technical drawing standards.

Surface phenomenon in manufacturing can be summarized like above. Leave your comments and questions below about ‘Surface Parameters In Manufacturing’!

Source Of Images: Fundamentals Of Modern Manufacturing Book

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