Taking Automatic ANSYS Solution Report

We think that this is the most useful tool of ANSYS Mechanical that you can obtain automatically created ANSYS analysis solution reports. Obtaining these reports are very easy in ANSYS. But first of all, you need to solve the analysis in ANSYS Mechanical. In here, we will explain how to take automatic ANSYS solution reports and explanation of that report.

How To Take ANSYS Solution Report?

ANSYS solution report.

In ANSYS Mechanical, taking ANSYS solution reports is very easy. For example you have a finished ANSYS analysis. You just need to click on ‘Report Preview’ section as shown by red arrow above in ANSYS Mechanical. And ANSYS will create solution report for you.

Th created report will start as general informations about your analysis and a cover photo. In there is a ‘Contents’ section of created report. The created ANSYS report starts with the explanation of selected unit set for analysis. After the explanation of unit set, it goes on with explanation of geometric model in detail and with other sections of outline tree respectively.

Figure adding into ANSYS report.

Also you can add figures of each elements in outline tree that you want in ANSYS report. To do it, just click on anoe of elements in outline tree as sgown by red box below then click on ‘Figure’ from shown pop-up menu in ANSYS Mechanical. The figure of geometry window will be added into related topic in ANSYS report. You can add figure of whatever you want and whatever view you want.

Saving ANSYS report.

Once your report is created in ANSYS Mechanical, you can save it as a word document or PDF format. You can do it from ‘Report Preview’ toolbar as shown by red box above. Also you can print your document or publish your document as HTML format easily from that toolbar. Also you can adjust the ‘Font Size’ of your document just clicking on related button at report preview section.


The report creation of solved analyses in ANSYS Mechanical is very easy like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about ANSYS Mechanical automatically created reports. Your precious comments and questions are very important for us.

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