Tin-Lead Alloy System’s Binary Phase Diagram

Binary phase diagrams of specific alloy systems, show about informations about that alloy systems in which metallurgists can make very good assesments. Also, binary systems are very important in engineering that constitutes very important engineering materials. Tin-lead alloys are also very important non-ferrous binary alloy system in metallurgy. In this article, we will explain the tin-lead alloy system with its binary phase diagram below.

What Are The Properties Of Tin-Lead Alloy System?

Binary phase diagram of Tin-Lead alloy system.

As you see above binary diagram of Tin-Lead system. There are various kinds of phases are avaliable in various compositions of tin. The vertical axes are showing the temperature values, left side is showing the Celsius, right side is showing the Fahreneit. The lines inside the diagram are showing the boundries of various phases of Tin-Lead alloy system.

There are two of solid phases in Tin-Lead alloy system can be seen at left and right sides of diagram. The right side solid phase is called as alpha phase and the left side solid phase is called as beta phase in Sn-Pb alloy system. Upon the upside lines of these solid phases, the alloy system turns into solid+liquid phase. If we take a look at the melting points of pure compositions of Sn and Pb, the melting line of the changing compositions meet at one point that is called as ‘eutectic composition’ which includes 61.9% of Sn. The temperature of that eutectic point is the 183 Celsius. As you can see above, the eutectic composition of Sn-Pb alloy has the lowest melting temperature compared with other composition percents.

The composition of eutectic phase pf Sn-Pb alloy can be turned into liquid directly from solid phase, without going through solid+liquid phase.

Sn-Pb alloys are generally used in electrical and electronical components in today’s technology.

The assesment of Sn-Pb binary phase diagram is very easy like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about ‘Sn-Pb binary phase diagrams’ below!

Image Source: Fundamentals Of Modern Manufacturing

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