Transpose Of A Matrix In MatLab(Illustrated Expression)

In this article of Mechanical Base we will show you how to take transpoze of a matrix or matrices in Matlab. In some situations you need to use tranpose of a matrix for a linear algebra calculation in Matlab. So Matlab provides various kinds of Linear Algebra commands that one of them is transposing of a matrix.

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How To Transpoze A Matrix In Matlab?

Use of “a’” command to take transpose of matrix “a” in Matlab.

If you want to take a transpose of a matrix in Matlab, you need to only put ‘ next to the name of the matrix in Matlab.

‘a’ is the created matrix in Matlab as shown by red arrow above.

‘x’ is the transposed state of matrix ‘a’ that created only typing a’ in Matlab Command Window as shown by green arrow above.

In ‘y’, the transpose of ‘a’ is multiplied with 5 that shows you can use trapose values of matrices in mathematical calculations in Matlab as shown by blue arrow above..

Also ‘z’ shows you can do basic mathematical additions or subtractions to tranposed values of matrices in Matlab as shown by orange arrow.

So it is very basic to take the tranpose of a matris in Matlab.

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