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Use Of ‘diary’ And ‘type’ Commands In MatLab(Illustrated Expression)


You can save the codes inside the Command Window in instant basis with ‘diary’ command in Matlab. In this article we will show you how to use ‘diary’ command and how to call the commands with ‘type’ commands in Matlab.

How To Use ‘diary’ Command In MatLab?

Use of ‘diary()’ command in Matlab.

You can take notes about your codes inside the Command Window with diary() command. For example we typed ‘diary MB’ as shown by red arrow above and the ended this diary note with ‘diary off’ as shown by second red arrow above.

After running the code, we typed ‘type MB’ which calls the codes between ‘diary MB’ and ‘diary off’. The codes between them are appeared as shown by red box above in Matlab.

This method can be very useful to save your codes instantly and call your codes instantly again into the Command Window in Matlab.

So it is very simple to use ‘diary’ command in Matlab as above.

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