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Use Of Linspace Command In MatLab(Illustrated Expression)


In Matlab coding, sometimes there can be a requirement of to create a vector that has a specific start and end values. And these start and end values of this vector must partitioned by a kind of integer. To do it, you could use linspace command in Matlab. You could create a vector starts from a number, ends at an another number and this gap is divided with an integer equally. You could se the use of linspace in Matlab in this content.

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Use Of Linspace Command In Matlab

Use of linspace command in Matlab

We created two of vectors in Matlab called v and d by using linspace command. The meaning of these linspace vectors in Matlab is like that;

Linspace results in Matlab command window

As you can see the v vector that created is a very straight use of linspace command. It is very basic to use linspace command that you need to only type number by putting commas between them in pharantheses after typing linspace. v vector starts with integer 1 and ends with integer 3 then this vector includes 5 elements. So start and end values are divided according to element number that you entered to linspace command.

As you can see, you could do mathematical calculations with linspace vector like in d vector. A same linspace vector is multiplied with integer 3 in d vector.

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