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Variance Calculation For Vectors In MatLab(Illustrated Expression)


Variance calculation is somewhat important in Linear Algebra for vectors and matrices. You know that MatLab is very versatile software for Linear Algebra calculations. So variance calculations of vectors and matrices is very basic in Matlab. This article shows how to calculate variance of vectors and matrices in Matlab.

How To Calculate Variance Values Of Matrices And Vectors In MatLab?

Use of ‘var()’ command in MatLab to calculate variance values of matrices and vectors.

We created an ‘a’ vector and ‘b’ matrix as shown by red and green arrow then we took their variances as shown by red box above. 

The variance value is taken as an one value as shown by blue arrow above. So this means that there is an one variance calculations of vectors in Matlab with ‘var()’ command.

Also if you look at the variance calculation of ‘b’ matrix as shown by orange arrow above, there is a three value. So each row’s variance values of a matrix is calculated separately with ‘var()’ command.

So calculation of variance values in Matlab is very simple like that.

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