Vector Result Display Options In ANSYS Mechanical

Vector contour results can be preferable in ANSYS Mechanical results. There various kinds of vector results showing options are avaliable in ANSYS Mechanical. In here, we explain how to change and use vector display options in ANSYS Mechanical with a very basic example below.

How To Use Vector Display Options In ANSYS Mechanical?

Click on ‘Vector Display’ option in ANSYS Mechanical.

Here above a very basic example of deformation analysis in ANSYS. Normal contour results are currenly showing. To show these contour results as vectors, click on option that is shown by red arrow above.

As you see above, the deformation results are shown by vectors in ANSYS Mechanical.

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You can change the vector type into another option by clicking on button as shown by red arrow above. This option will make vectors magnitues equal. Other one makes them proportional length with deformation.


You can also change the length of vectors with the slider that is shown by green arrow above.

Increase the length of vectors in ANSYS.

As you see above, we increased the length of vectors from that slider, and changed the vector type as equal lengths. You can see the result at above.

You can also change the alingments of vectors according to elements or grids from the option that is shown by blue arrow above. You can change the density of vectors that are showing with the second slider that is shown by orange arrow above.

Change it to grid aligned option in ANSYS.

As you can see above, we selected the grid aligned option and decreased the density of vectors that are showing. You can see the result above again.

You can use the second slider only for grid aligned option.

If you want to see thicker vector arrows, you can select it from section that shown by orange box above.

Select thicker arrow above in ANSYS.

As you see, we selected thick arrows as shown by red arrow above.

So, vector result displaying options are like above in ANSYS Mechanical.

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