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Von Mises Stress Calculator For Ductile Materials

Principal Stresses


Biaxial Stresses


What Is Von Mises Stress Calculator?

Von Mises Yield Criterion.

Von Mises stress calculation is the most used method to calculate the stress value on a stress elements in ductile materials. It can be calculated from;

  • Principle stress elements
  • Biaxial stress elements

The formula that von mises stress is calculated by principle stress elements;

Sigma1 and Sigma2 represents the principal stress elements. You can click on that link to calculate principal stress elements of your problem.

The sigma prime above represents the Von Mises Stress. This Von mises stress must be lower from tensile strength of your ductile material which is divided with safety factor again. This is the safety rule of Von Mises stress of ductile materials. The safety factor depends on your application.

Formula that Von Mises stress is calculated via biaxial stress elements;

This is also the form of Von Mises stress that is calculated with biaxial stresses. SigmaX is stress element in X axis, SigmaY is stress element on Y axis and Txy is shear stress in X-Y plane.

How To Use Von Mises Stress Calculator?

Select the method for Von Mises Stress.

As we stated above, there are two methods to calculate Von Mises Stress. You must select one of them. If you select principal stress, you can calculate Von Mises Stress for ductile materials with principal stresses as stated above. If you select Biaxial stress, you need to enter biaxial stress and shear stress element in X-Y plane.

Enter the parameters then click on ‘Calculate!’.

As you see above, you just need to enter required values into related boxes as shown by red arrows. Then click on ‘Calculate!’ button. If you want to recalculate Von Mises stress, click on ‘Reset’ button. Do not forget that you need to take care about UNITS! Units for stresses must be consistent. For that way you can use MB-Unit Converter tool.

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about Von Mises stress calculator for ductile materials, below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.

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