What Is Color Picker In Solidworks 2021?

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You know that Solidworks has very extended visual appearances and colors inside it to give the required color or appearance of a material to your designed part in Solidworks. As you remember that you select these appearances from appearance library of Solidworks. In the Solidworks 2021 release, there is a new feature of Solidworks appearances named Color Picker.

Solidworks innovates itself year by year in evert version and in every release. Also Solidworks 2021 release will came with lots of innovations. One of these innovatios is Color Picker in Solidworks 2021. In this article we will express what is the Color Picker in Solidworks 2021.

What Is The Color Picker In Solidworks 2021?

Color Picker in Solidworks 2021.

Color picker is the new feature of appereances in Solidworks 2021 that provides selection of other colors from external source. This means that, if the desired appearance is not in Solidworks 2021 appearance library, you can import the desired appearance for your part to Solidworks 2021 interface.

So it is great for renderers that you can take immediately the color or appearamce of an external application source in Solidworks 2021.

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