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What Is Siemens NX™ And Cost Of It? Which Companies Are Using Siemens NX™?

Siemens NX™ or Unigraphics NX™ is PLM software that provides various kinds of tools inside it. For an engineer and engineering company, all the Siemens NX™ products are tools that can be enough for all aspects of engineering projects and problems. If we take a look at all the tools that Siemens PLM software provides us, we can understand this great PLM software’s capabilities.

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What Are The Capabilities Of Siemens NX™?

Siemens NX™ CAD

The CAD tools of Siemens PLM™ Software are one of the most advanced tools around other CAD environments. 3D design tools of Siemens NX™ provide very detailed designs of different parts and assemblies. For example, if you take a look at the Extrude command of Siemens NX™, the features of this command are very detailed even for a basic command like extrude. If you also take a look at the other 3D design tools of Siemens NX™ such as RevolvePattern FeatureHoleSweep, etc. you will see the profession of detail in these commands also. Sheet metal design, assemblies, re-engineering, freeform surface design tools, parametric solid modeling capabilities, routing, mechanical piping, and electrical wiring design tools are the main services of Siemens PLM™ software’s CAD.

Siemens NX™ CAD.


Siemens NX™ Engineering Analysis

Siemens PLM™ tool also provides software for finite element analysis of designed parts and assemblies professionally. In this FEA tool of Siemens NX™, you can make engineering analyses of electromagnetic analyses, mechanical analyses both static and dynamic, thermal analyses, and fluids by using the finite volume method. Engineering analysis tools of Siemens NX™ software are also very advanced compared with other counterparts.


Siemens NX™ Manufacturing

Manufacturing tools of Siemens PLM™ software are also very common. Mold design, sheet metal production design, and CAM tools of Siemens NX™ are most common around other counterparts. Especially CAM tools of Siemens NX™ are one of the most important and used CAM tools around other CAM software in the world. Because CAM tools of Siemens NX™ are very advanced just like other tools. In this CAM software of Siemens NX™, you can do NC or CNC programming at an advanced level.

Siemens NX™ CAM.

Cost Of Siemens NX™

Giving direct information about Siemens NX™ and product’s costs and prices is impossible because official Siemens NX™ distributors are not sharing any costs with Siemens NX™ customers. Lots of kinds of Siemens PLM™ software tools are purchasable on the official website, and there is no information about the costs of these tools.

But of course, there are rumors about the pricing of Siemens NX™ software tools. The design tools of Siemens PLM™ software are provided as Solid Edge and its prices are starting from 7500$ and go up according to added tools up to around 20000$.

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But you can understand that it is only the price of the 3D CAD design tool of Siemens NX™ PLM software and it changes with the additional tools. There are also other sub-software of Siemens PLM™ Software. So this changing with your requirements.

Companies That Are Using Siemens NX™

First of all, you must know that may be the only software that comes with lots of advanced tools in all the engineering design areas is Siemens NX™ PLM Software.

Major aerospace industries are using Siemens NX™ PLM software in different sections;


You know that SpaceX is one of the biggest and renowned aerospace companies in the United States, built by Elon Musk. SpaceX is using Siemens NX™ PLM software other than other software in various sections of rocketry design.


Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman is also an important aerospace company based in the United States and was built in 1994. And in 2010, Northrop Grumman was selected as 4. biggest company in its sector. Northrop Grumman has also preferred Siemens PLM™ Software in their engineering researches and developments.


Raytheon is one of the biggest missile producers around the world based in the United States. And this one of the biggest defense industry companies prefers to use Siemens NX™ PLM software also. It is a very old company that is working for the United States defense industry.

Rockwell Collins

Rockwell Collins is also another company of defense industry based in Iowa, United States. Rockwell Collins produced avionic electronic systems for the United States aviation army. Rockwell Collins uses Siemens PLM™ Software.
Also, the biggest automotive companies are using Siemens NX PLM™ Software;

TATA Group

You know that it is the biggest automotive company built in India which uses Siemens NX™ as CAD software in its engineering design processes.


MAZDA is also another important Japanese automotive producer that uses Siemens PLM™ software.


It is one of the most known automotive industry companies in the United States. General Motors also prefers to use Siemens PLM™ Software in automotive design and production processes.

Gneral Motors.


It is also another one of the most renowned automotive companies around the world. Ford also has lots of research and development centers at various sides of the world. In the R&D center of Ford, Siemens PLM™ Software is used to design automotive systems.

Ford Motor Company.

These companies are very big and global companies that are using Siemens NX™ PLM Software. There are also lots of sub-companies and contractor companies. This means these companies are also using Siemens NX™ software in manufacturing and design.


As you understand that, Siemens NX™ is one of the most important CAD, CAM CAE software that is very common in the world. As a good engineer, you must learn Siemens NX™ for CAD, CAM, and CAE to be a nominee for companies that are listed above.

This is the general information about Siemens NX™. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about Siemens NX™ PLM Software below. If you have additional information about Siemens NX™ PLM Software, please leave your comments below.

Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.

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