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Use Of Linspace Command In MatLab(Illustrated Expression)

Which Code Clears Command Line And Workspace In MatLab(Illustrated Expression)


In Matlab, you generally create your codes inside a Matlab script and you try these codes in the Matlab’s command line. And you could see your variable’s results in workspace. But after the testing your code at command line and workspace, these areas in Matlab could be troublesome to another trials of your code after alteration of your code in Script. So between the trials of your Matlab code inside Matlab command line, we suggest that clear these Matlab command line and workspace that will provide much more efficient testing for your Matlab code. By applying the codes that we explained below, you could do the clearing workspace and command line in Matlab.

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How to clear workspace in Matlab?

The Codes That Are Cleaning The Workspace And Command Line In Matlab

The full situation of workspace and command line in Matlab

For example we tested our very basic example code that we created in Matlab script, then ve copied our Matlab code to Command window. The variables’ situation could be seen from workspace. So we done with testing out code, so we need to clear out command line and workspace by writing ‘clear’ the press enter to clear the workspace, then write ‘clc’ and press Enter to clear command window in Matlab.

Clearing the workspace and command line in Matlab.

As you can see,  ‘clear’ and ‘clc’ worked very well in Matlab.

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